The watermill


The watermill “Cavallo d’Ispica” is an original piece of jewellery of rural art of the 18th century, situated on the northern part of the archaeological valley of Cava d’Ispica, few kilometres from Modica, centre of hyblean baroque as well as hometown of poet Quasimodo and famous for its renowned chocolate. 

Thanks to the continuous commitment passed on by the Cerruto family through four generations as well as the perfectly preserved surroundings, the old mill nowadays represents an indefeasible account of a rural civilization that died out by now, but came to life again among the walls of this site. Every year, thousands of tourists from all over the world, school groups and study tours come to marvel at the site.

Visitors have the chance to admire the accounts of a centuries-old art made up of tools and everyday items and hence start a short trip that deploys in history among imposing vaults, charming falls and old millstones.