The Visit


Trips to the Mill-Museum are possible every day of the year. Italian visitors will be accompanied by local guides, while foreign guests will be provided with audio guides as for English, French and German. In both cases, will visitors be toured through a theme-based route divided into two separate themes: the Museum and the Mill. 

The museum includes the caves and various rooms rich of equipments and tools of the time, which tend to perfectly piece together the rural and domestic life of the miller’s family. 

On the other hand, the mill combines the knowledge of ingenuity and rural art with the appeal and suggestiveness of these sites. 


  • Initial description of the mill’s layout and of the path 
  • Corridor with different tools 
  • The loom room 
  • The wood cave 
  • Corridor with garden tools 
  • The miller’s cabin 
  • The laundry 
  • The cowshed and the barn 
  • The falls, the channel and the water collection bin 
  • The water room with the Arabic-style paddle wheel 
  • The milling room 
  • The exposition of stalactites and stalagmites