History and Present


Just up to some decades, the Mill of the 18th century was fed by the natural source of the Busaidone stream through an endless water channel that had been dug into the rock. It was one of the many water mills of the valley and the county of Modica, actively producing flour till 1956. Today, it is the only remaining testimony all over the area that has been kept undamaged and presents itself totally working, fed by a water circuit that partly passes through the channel’s original course. That way, visitors are able to admire its mechanism and in particular the water channel filling a cone shaped water collection stone bin of a depth of 11 metres overlooking the mill, as well as the paddle wheel situated in the water room and designed in Arabic style, which is fed from the lower part of the collection bin and engine of the mill; in the end, the milling room boasting imposing vaults and old millstones. 

Next to the mill, the “House of the Miller” can still be visited. It consists of a cave used as a home, including attached cowshed and barn, which are also former caves. These rooms bring visitors back in time, in order to discover a fascinating and nowadays lost lifestyle.